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"It takes a village to raise a child" - African Proverb

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The solution #AfricaDiasporaFightsCoronavirus

The objective of this initiative is to help finance the coordination and distribution of basic necessities (medical equipment, meals, medicines, etc.) to people affected by COVID-19 and health workers, and to support raising awareness among the most vulnerable populations.

How it works

Our collective wants to be a facilitating platform between the diaspora in the world and the African continent. In Africa, we identify the field needs, select initiatives, projects and local partners for a successful implementation. In parallel, we are mobilizing the African diaspora and carrying out fundraising with the Jamaafunding platform. And because traceability is key, we are committed to transparent communication throughout the project.

More than ever, Africa needs its Diaspora! Africa needs you!

About the project

#AfricaDiasporaFightsCoronavirus #Senegal in partnership with "Caritas and the 4 nurseries of Senegal"

We have chosen to start our action in Senegal by supporting the most vulnerable groups: young children, street children, Talibés and the poorest families.

For nurseries: visits, distributions, displacements and donations are becoming rarer. The situation is critical. So to avoid a breakdown of services, we appeal to the Senegalese diaspora and to all people of good will to come to the aid of the toddlers. More than ever, Senegal needs You!
Be generous with your donations to protect our little ones!
Participate by credit card or in Senegal with the following means: by Orange Money at the following number +221 77 356 48 71 or by E Money  at the following number +221 70 566 63 66.

The 1st beneficiary selected in Senegal: the 4 Nurseries of the Medina, Nianing (Mbour), Oussouye and Cabrousse

The general objective of the nurseries is to protect vulnerable or endangered children in synergy with the Government and child protection actors.
They target children aged between 0 and 2 years old and mainly :

-Babies orphaned by their mothers,
-Babies whose mothers are sick and are unable to care for them,
-Abandoned babies,
-Handicapped babies.

At the end of their stay, the children return to their biological family or foster family.
At the end of the day, the best place for the child is with a caring family (reintegration and follow-up).

To participate now is to ensure the subsistence and maintenance of these structures. The nurseries are therefore sounding the alarm and are counting on the generosity of everyone.

For more information about the nurseries, please contact us:

Cécile Diémé in charge of the D'Ossouye and Cabrousse;

Monique Ndong in charge of the Nianing nursery:;

Célestine Bindia in charge of the Medina nursery:

Project Initiator

The project team

Those involved are citizens, members of the diaspora or residents of Senegal, who want to act for Africa.


Why calls for donations?

Nurseries normally function mainly on donations. In these difficult and confining times, they can be forgotten! The children, on the other hand, are always there waiting for help. We are asking you for a gesture, a contribution... and we hope you will make a donation today. No amount is too small. All donations (minus a 3.5% transaction fee) will be paid directly to the nurseries. Thanks to our partners Jaamafuding and Remitly who have waived their management fees.

We closely follow the needs of the field. Two  other initiatives will be launched in may 2020 by implementing a fundraising in steps of 10000€ each:
1/ For street children and Talibés
2/ For 200 destitute families throughout the territory

We thank you for your attention and lets act together for :
An Africa conscious of the dangers of coronavirus and the necessary protection of the populations!
A united and generous Africa for its children!

Our needs

The provisional budget is as follows:

Conversion rate: 1€ = 656 CFA

Social Impact

240 persons helped


1. Why this project?

To facilitate the rapid deployment of a mechanism to raise funds that will go directly to African populations.

  • Risk of rapid spread of the virus on the continent;
  • Adequate health infrastructure for patient care almost non-existent;
  • Lack of financial means and consequently lack of testing and protection equipment;
  • High risk of social implosion due to the low level of formalization versus the informal market;
  • Millions of deaths are expected if the measures taken prove insufficient to deal with the crisis;

2. How will the funds go directly to the people?

  • Funds are collected from the African Diaspora.
  • The funds are given to local partners who will ensure the purchase of health materials and equipment.
  • The equipment is given to the local sanitary structures which are our partners.

3. How do we ensure the transparency of this operation?

The platform will put all the following information online:

  • Production and sharing of purchase quotes
  • Audiovisual confirmation of inventory purchased and shipped to health facilities
  • Traceability of the process from the diaspora to the end-users will be required.
  • A youtube channel has been created to share the progress of the project and links will be posted on the platform.

4. Are the nurseries reachable during this period? Yes, their coordinates are :

Cécile Diemé in charge of the Pouponnière D'Ossouye et Cabrousse - e mail;

Monique Ndong in charge of the Nianing nursery, e mail:;

Célestine Bindia in charge of the nursery of Medina, e mail:

5. How can we be sure that the funds raised will go to the nurseries?

Nurseries will be able to tell you directly and a follow-up report will be available upon request.

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