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The association AVPL, supports local producers and advance with them towards the enhancement of their wealth and handworker created. We have thus resulted in the draft AKOUM, a mobile application that makes the promotion of local products in cameroon. Akoum is a directory, a referential about purchase one product on the national territory and internationally.

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Project context

The association has created the November 14th 2016 under the name of "Association for the Valorisation of local Products - AVPL". Working for the promotion of local wealth, AVPL is part of a framework of actions economic and cultural aimed to incite the population to acts of solidarity at the purchase of products manufactured to a consideration of the importance of local consumption. We are committed to act in a perspective of sustainable development and to put an end to all forms of povertyé.

By strengthening and case ant the sector of the production, local consumption not only contributes to a significant increase in the national GDP, but also encourages local investment.

The promotion and distribution of local products will become at this effect one of the major challenges to be met to promote the local consumption.  

About the project

  Akoum is a mobile application that facilitates the search for information on products in cameroon and book it to any user of its interface with all the practical information for access to the product. It is born of the need to provide a windows of achallandage products and local producers, to give an opening at the local market and external at different producers that manufacture and produce goods as useful as consumables and this in various fields including agriculture, breeding, craft, cosmétique, the dress and many others.

The application informs on the name of the product, the product image, the characteristics of the product, the composition and ingredients of the products (in the context of food), the place of production of the product, the brand of the product, the price of the product, name of manufacturer and place of sale of the product. There is the possibility to geolocate the point of sale of a product and to see all the points of sale to know those who are close to your home.  

Akoum is available on playstore, mboastore and applestore.    

In short ... 

free App 

Step : first version online 

Model éeconomic: Freemuim, selling products intégrés.

Facebook : Akoum

Twitter : Akoum237

Instagram : Akoum

What's app : A Communityé of the association AVPL

Website : www.avplinfo.org 

Project Initiator

The project is found and coordinated by Jessica EYA'ANE, founder and president of the association AVPL. 


We are working with a team part integral part of the association, the associations support including IPPADA International, the ANOR, the CRIFAT and local brands at the example of a TANTY, SANDY, ELIXIR, BAE systems, L&C Clothing, King of pop, DELY'S, MIODONINI, SHOESBYVIDAL, etc

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Social Impact

150 persons helped


That means AVPL? 

AVPL is an association that advocates for the cause-Eat Local. She worked for restore the local producers for better quality products. It is implanted in Cameroon.

That means Akoum?

Akoum means Wealth in Beti language. And carries the slogan, Akoum, "the wealth of Cameroon in your pocket."

where we find Akoum? 

Akoum is downloadable on playstore, mboastore, applestore.

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