Creation of a factory to produce purified water in sachets

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Project context

The promoter wants to make available to residents of the Center-South, Center-East, Center-West, Plateau-Central, Boucle du Mouhoun regions drinking water without risk of contamina-
tion and thus participate in the fight for the accessibility of the population has a source of drinking water, which the government of Burkina leads. The problem of drinking water
in Burkina is far from being resolved. Drought is becoming increasingly threatening and the impurity of available water continues to be one of the main factors responsible for many
tropical diseases such as diarrhea. It is with a view to lessening the harmful consequences of its problems that the company has set itself the objective of offering superior quali-
ty water at a price accessible to the population.

About the project

The project consists of producing and marketing potable water at low costs. The water will be packaged in 500 ml and 300 ml sachets and will be accessible to the Lamda citizen. Thanks to this project, we will create direct and indirect jobs, and thus make our modest contribution to the fight against poverty. The selling prices of the 500 ml sachet will be 0.075 € and that of 300 ml will be sold at 0.037 €

Project Initiator


First name: Yannick, Donald, Awouvri

Function: Civil engineer, option building and public works.

By creating a business, the promoter seeks to solve a problem. We noticed the lack and the bad distribution of drinking water on the territory to overcome this problem we chose 
to undertake. In addition, the field of entrepreneurship fascinates us enormously.

Our needs

We already have the field. the funds raised will be used to build the borehole, purchase production machinery, build the factory building and manage operating costs.
Intangible assets
Administration fees


Company creation



2 238 €

Assessment of the unit's impact on the environment

And the mitigation and protection measures envisaged
Establishment authorization
Production authorization
Sale authorization
Connection and electricity subscription fees


447 €

Tangible asset



9 225 €

Transportation equipment

5 255 €

Purchase 3 Tricycle


Technical material

23 445 €

Office furniture

1 409 €


5568 €

Stock of raw materials and products

18 630 €

Cleaning the premises


403 €

Operating costs 3 months

3380 €

Fuel trycicle

70 000 €


4 900 €


74 900 €



Social Impact

200 persons helped



What are the threats:

The water market suffers from a poor environmental image due to its plastic packaging.
What are the opportunities:

Increase in demand
If consumers have a reduction in their purchasing power, their consumption of sachet water will not decrease.
What are the weaknesses:

Restricted financial means
Restricted human resources
Young company on the market