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Project context

The cultural complex '' La case à Palabre '' set up by the ‘’ Association pour le Développement de Batschenga (ADEB)”, presents a new and equally innovative "concept" in the context of the city of BATSCHENGA, and even for Cameroon as a whole. It associates, in a single entity, three complementary spaces of a purely social nature:


  • An educational space,
  • A recreational and leisure space,
  • A space for artistic and touristic creation, craft and professional training.


These multiple tools are freely put at the disposal of young people, enabling them to learn, train, educate, recreate and, if possible, create small income-generating activities, which could ensure their well-being while considerably improving the living standard of the whole population.


In its current phase, the project presents the following elements, already operational:


  • A consultation library which, from less than two hundred books in March 2017, currently has six hundred and thirty one books now. This is a progression of four hundred books in six months.


  • A media library with a video projector that allows us to make video projections for young people and to conduct certain educational projects as well as training sessions.


  • A multimedia center where we are currently training young people on a purely free basis at the use of the ICT. It is even planned in the future to create a training point for ‘’Institut Africain d’Informatique’’ for a certification training in computing sciences.


  • A training point is also being opened which will concern basketry and the different trades for manufacturing rattan objects.


'' La case à Palabre '' is thus, the proposal of an appropriate response both socially and economically to help rural people raise their standard of living.


It should be well noted here that, beyond these trainings already operational or in the process of being operational, the complex remains open to any idea of ​​training in various fields that can help the youth (girls and boys), and support the various populations in their quest for a better social being.

About the project

Existing spaces in '' La case à Palabre ‘‘are actually as follows:


  • 24 m2 for the library and the reading room (ie a space of 4m x 6m)
  • 9 m2 for the multimedia center ( ie 3.30m x 3.00m)
  • 5 m2 for offices (3.00 mx 2.50 m)
  • 25 m2 for artisanal and other trainings (ie 5 mx 5 m)


The total of spaces occupied is thus 66,4 m2

These spaces exist in an old building which solicits some repair work for the moment. And even if these works were engaged, the spaces in this building would remain insufficient at the current stage and for all the activities undertaken. This requires us to develop other spaces to accommodate the various activities at the best.


So we are currently owners of a piece of land of about three hundred square meters, which we would like to construct on with local materials in the first place , this to minimize the costs of construction.

The lack of spaces inside the building obliges us at the present, to adopt palliative solutions which, are totally discomfortable, and which for the most part, obliges us to allow the young people who frequent the library to get out the books to read outside. This solution puts at risk the safeguarding of the books we are supposed to preserve.


During some workshops such as student-led internet research, which unfortunately cannot be transported outside despite the small size of the local, young people most often end up like sardines piled in a box, walking on each other. Condition that does not allow them to work with enough tranquility, and in the comfort necessary for a better assimilation of research data.


It is just difficult during these moments, and also during the language workshops, to people to consult the books of the library. Thus the holding of these workshops is done to the detriment of the consultation of the books of the library.


During the video projections, a screen is lowered, which is placed in front of the books, completely blocking access to the shelves.


Project Initiator

Born on July 15, 1955 in Batschenga

Maried father of Four children


Writer with five publicationbs until now :


Publications :

MUN ETOGA, le livre des origines de Batschenga (préfacé par le Dr BINGONO BINGONO - Anthropologue) publié par l’auteur.

Rêves et désillusions (Nouvelles)  Edilivre

Nomade (Roman) Edilivre

Les suicidaires  (Nouvelles) Editions publibook/Mon Petit Editeur

Piège sans fin ou la folie des pouvoirs (Théâtre) Editions publibook/Mon Petit Editeur



Our needs

DESIGNATION                                     QUANTITE      PRIX UNITAIRE     PRIX TOTAL            

Acquisition de terrain                          300                                 4 000          1 200 000          

                                                                                                                                                   1 200 000  

Installation de chantier                                                                                                         

Préparation de chantier, amené et repli      1                                 282 764               282 764          

                                                                                                                                  -                    282 764  

Terrassement et fouilles                                                                                              -         

Terrassement                                        1                                 200 000               200 000          

Fouille en rigoles  en puits et en rigoles/m3                      37,24                                      1 155                   43 012       

Remblai de fouilles en déblai / m3            25,67                                   790               20 279         

Remblai d'apport en terre lateritique          110,42                              5 460             602 893          

                                                                                                                                  -                    866 185  

Béton et maçonnerie                                                                                                   -         

Béton de propreté 150 Kg/m3                   2,74                               48 300             132 342          

Béton armé pour longrines 350 Kg/m3       3,52                               99 750             351 120          

Béton armé pour dallage 350 Kg/m3          46,85                              99 750          4 673 288          

Maçonnerie de fondation plein de 20 /m2   46,71                                7 560             353 128          

parpaings de 20/ fondation                       300                                     300               90 000         

parpaings de 15/ élevation sur 2 assises   300                                     250               75 000         

                                                                                                                                  -                5 674 877  

Couverture et façade                                                                                                   -         

Nattes de raphia 240 x 6 m                     1440                                    200             288 000          

Lattes                                                   100                                  1 400             140 000          

Poteaux                                                50                                    2 000             100 000          

Planches                                               250                                  2 800             700 000          

                                                                                                                                  -                1 228 000  

Ouvertures                                                                                                                  -         

Portes en bois massif / m2                      12                                  38 850             466 200          

Fenêtres vitrées sur chassis

vitres coulissantes / m2                          22                                  50 400          1 108 800                 1 575 000  


Electrification (Ens)                              1                              1 148 000             1 148 000          

                                                                                                                                                   1 148 000  

Sanitaires (Ens)                                    1                                 420 000               420 000          

                                                                                                                                                       420 000  


TOTAL GENERAL                                                                                      12 394 826                12 394 826  


TOTAL ESTIMATE :    12 394 826 FCFA      soit environ € 18.895

BUDGET NEEDED :    11 194 826 FCFA      soit environ € 17.066

Social Impact

26 persons helped


For any question please contact : ASSOCIATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF BATSCHENGA adebatsch@yahoo.com