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"Read the good book, it give back need To live. ; restores the will to live,   ".

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Project context

Le problème that we résolvons occurs in two ways : the For the applicant : The lack of books has an impact nénegative on the sector éeducational in the sense that there is a drop in the level due to the conjugation and spelling that are négligés. which entered cool;not the lack of culture, the decrease in the level of life, a delay in several areas. For the applicant : the books are taken as the content of the information, let them rot to their own environment. The world today is the result of the information re&case;eu, créée la compétitivité world.

About the project

Are  you  tired to read a book to the point of wanting you dérid? Are you constated congestion created by the possession if certain books, not having any intér&stop;t for you? You should know that there are a large number of people who may need it. It happens to you éalso to search for rare books, which are sold more on the market or who are not available fully on the Internet? Knowing well that a person might have in its collections and can &our vision to be no longer needed. LIVRESPACE offers you the opportunity relaying à its differing needs. 

Project Initiator

The carrier of this project is  Priscilla MBENGI BOTEMBE. Gender : féminin  Nationalityé : congolese  Languages parlées : fran&case;ais, lingala, and English. physical Address: 16 rue yoseki, District Bassoko, Commune Ngaliema, city of Kinshasa. email Address: Training : marketing, human resource management, managing financial, English, Accounting.

Experiences professional: internship in learning à FBNBANK, internship learning à Airtel.

Our needs

  • the the local Rental: $ 350 
  • the Furniture : $ 300 
  • the capital : $ 200 
  • the marketing Expenses: $ 80
  •   the Commission jamaafunding : $ 70

Social Impact

20 persons helped


  1. the What is the social reach of your project?                                                                                                                      A/ Our project enables more déwith have acces rare books à lower cost         

           2. Do you have acces to an advice structure for young businessman?

A/ Yes , we have advice of experts in project management and entrepreneurship.