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Project context

More than 60% of the population dies in Africa lack of health knowledge ... Between a problem of access to care (lack of infrastructure and caregivers), and access to information of good practices, knowledge of first steps and care that can save lives, the Congolese has always struggled to manage its health environment and the methodologies of access to care .. Between the proliferation of fake drugs, fake medical delegates, traditional gurus and medicine and culture ancestral of the sorcellery, the Congolese sometimes discovers too late the detection or the real problems related to its health and its sanitary environment (location hospitals clinical pharmacies ...) ...

In order to facilitate access to information and knowledge related to health

Strengthen the National Health Policy by ensuring accessibility and awareness of people to health practices

To improve good habits for the well-being of the population

It is proposed to create a health communication platform linking culture and knowledge with the environment and health policy of the country

About the project

OMNISANTE, is a new communication technology that gives immediate access to the information needed for better health. It collects and produces audiovisual content in response to the issue of access to care and information (health education campaigns, emergency intervention and prevention). It also gives the possibility of establishing a connection link between the user and the actors or health professionals.

Project Initiator

Having grown up with several health actors, young entrepreneur in the NICT, director and consultant in audiovisual professions, I never had trouble communicating in the health sector in the Congo ... between spot designers, health campaigns and directors of some health-related documentaries and TV shows..I have always been concerned that health is not the apanache of carers and that a good health culture can better prevent and have healthy behaviors in the well being Thus, by unveiling and restoring the public health context via a communication platform would be an accomplishment and a civic and charitable duty while offsetting the deficit of the health actors and the intervention time of the patients.

Our needs

According to a business plan, the financing will serve the needs of a team of 11 people as well as real estate charges and the production of around 56 weekly audiovisual councils for 3 months to finalize the creation of the site and the mobile app

1000 euros housing charges (electricity running water)

2360 euros computer equipment (servers and computers, broadband internet)

4500 euros productions 56 spots, advice or preventive campagness

3300 euros emoluments team of 11 people pendants 3 months

840 euros fees

Social Impact

20 persons helped


The sponsor space will be a platform for the exchange and evaluation of the progress of the site as well as the platform ... They will directly obtain the link of the webmaster and insert content if possible