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Project context

Being healthy depends a lot on what we do to our body, both by what we swallow and by what we apply to our skin and hair. We are more and more invaded by products, cheaper, stuffed with chemical ingredients we do not know much about the long-term effects on our health. It was good that we promote healthier natural products. In our market analysis, we realized that there were several local brands of natural products, but that there was no online platform to make them readily available in one place. We also observed that many of these local brands and products lack visibility, and are mostly unknown to the general public. Nor do they have the technical and financial means to access the entire national market, let alone the subregional and international market. We were also saddened to find that talented craftsmen were choking on their projects for fear of not having sufficient visibility or a more flexible distribution channel to make it a success.

About the project


The project for which we publish this request for funds, is an online platform for the sale of natural products (cosmetics, soaps, jams, liqueurs, spices, teas, sweets, etc ...) whose address is Given the damage caused by synthetic products on our bodies and our health, we have made it our mission to contribute to a return to healthier natural products. Also, we prioritize the promotion of local natural products, made by local companies and artisans. This project will give more visibility to the products of its artisans, who do not necessarily have the tools or knowledge to exploit the market of the web (Website, Social Networks, etc ...) to their advantage. We will help them gain access to the national, sub-regional and international markets; This will allow them to increase their turnover, to develop and indirectly to participate in the economic development of the country by creating jobs.

Project Initiator


My name is Joël N'ZI, I have a Master in Finance and Management. I am also an entrepreneur since 2013. I created my first company in March 2013 with almost nothing as a starting point. I only had a computer and 25,000XOF (38 €) which I used to make the administrative steps of constitution and cover my first trips to my first customers. It was a sole proprietorship named Atlantis Media Ivory Coast, a web agency specializing in website creation and management as well as community management. We gradually developed this company by rolling up the sleeves and working hard, not without great difficulties. In 2017 we upgraded Atlantis Media CI to a limited company called GLOBALIS SARL, which took over the services of the first by adding the creation and promotion of innovative web services. This, in order to fill existing needs on the continent, especially in the field of web services. It is within this framework that we have created in order to make natural products accessible to as many people as possible, both nationally and internationally, imagined and designed by local African artisans and businesses.


Our needs

The funds raised will enable us to boost communication, launch our internal delivery service to reduce costs for end customers and finally allow us to equip us with additional computer equipment for our next 3 employees who will soon join the team.

These requirements total a total of 7950 € detailed as follows:

- Logistics (Purchase of 2 delivery motorcycles for 2 deliverers who will be hired): 2.000 €

- Marketing and communication (Additional budget campaign of web and field communication): 3.300 €

- Production (Purchase of supplies and IT equipment for 3 new employees): 2.650 €


We hope to greatly exceed the amount in question to continue our equipment and our location:

- 2 other motorcycles: 2,000 €

- 1 tricycle: € 2,000

- 1 vehicle for commercial service: 7.500 €

- Establishment of 10 mini-shops to be even closer to populations without internet access (3 in Abidjan 2 inside the country and 5 in the capitals of the West African sub-region): 50.000 €

Social Impact

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Where is the headquarters of the company?

The headquarters of Globalis SARL, promoter of is located in the town of Cocody in Abidjan in Ivory Coast.


Why Naturalis?

NATURALIS refers to the natural. This name seemed simple and perfectly adapted for a platform that is dedicated to the promotion of natural products. He is more related to the name of the company.


How many people work on this project?

At the moment we are a team of 4 people working on this project. We plan to increase this number to 10 by the end of 2018.


What types of products do you offer on

The main categories of products are:

- Foodstuffs

- Drinks

- Cosmetics and natural cosmetic ingredients

- Aromatherapy and wellness products




Expo-Vente Shop'n Chill de Naturalis du 30 Mars au 1er Avril 2018

Nous avons effectué en partenariat avec un restaurant de la place, notre première expo-vente de l'année 2018 dénommée Shop'n Chill. Suivez le lien ci-dessous pour avoir un aperçu de notre petit stand ;)