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We are the very young startup Kirinno Labs. We are working on the development of a high-speed telemedicine kit called the DiagnoKit that will help you stay at home.

All your donations will allow us to popularize telemedicine in Africa and if the first level of ** 5,000 € ** is not reached, your contributions will be reimbursed and we could unfortunately not develop the accessibility to health care. health in Africa.
A study of the health context in sub-Saharan Africa gives us the following results:

- Sub-Saharan Africa: ** 11% ** of the world's population

- Mortality rate in sub-Saharan Africa: ** 25% ** of global death rate

- Health budget of sub-Saharan African countries: ** less than 1% ** of global expenditure

- Health staff in sub-Saharan Africa: ** 0.21 doctors ** per 1000 inhabitants


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