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The mathématic is not a "bete noire", it depend on how its taugth !

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Project context

Maths are part of educational système from primary up to high school. However, there is a big gap between the content of programs and their applications in everyday life. This situation has as consequences, the demotivation and even worse, the demonization of certain matères including mathematical sciences and sciences in general.  Aware of the importance of mathéapplications in the society, considerable efforts and actions are made in all domains and sectors (formal or informal) to find simple approaches to teach which will be affordable for all learners without reducing the quality of the contents. The organization of math camps and math clubs thus appears as an alternative to a popularisation of science and its applications.

About the project

Togo Math Camp (TgMC) brings together, in an environment of collective learning and fun, participants and volunteers both national and international to explore mathematical knowledges that are mostly not tougth in classical classes. The MC is organized around small problem solving and puzzles, sports, games and workshops (all within the area of combinatorial analysis, the geométry, the modelling and the programming) that allow participants to discover and experience the application of mathematical sciences in real world.

To get there, we are supported by in Supporting African Math Initiatives (SAMI) with their experience in the field of trainning of tutors and the organization of camps. Togo Math Camp  will take place within two (2) weeks. In order to facilitate the’learning to élèves, the knowledge is passed on à through games and activités that are performedés individually or as a group.  during the première week, the organisers, the participating teachers and some of the international volunteers are entered cool;nés by the former campers recrutés, and formés by SAMI. The instructors put their training into practice during the secondème week by interacting with élèves of the secondary. The shares are also around the subjects of mathé. advancedées, which are expliqués de fa&case;it is vulgar to the participants.

Project Initiator

The initiators of Togo math camp are members of the rébucket African Scientific Integration Network, which is a young rébucket d’teachers and researchers in african which ifège is à Lomé. The following people are involvedées in the organization of TgMC 2019: - Dr. Amouzouvi Kossi, guardian AIMS-Rwanda, a member of AScIN, - Mr. Motchon Yawovi, phd student a University of Cape Town, a member of AScIN, - Mr. Ahlin Ekoutiamé, researcher, co-founder of the Center for Research and Opinion Polls (CROP), and - Mr. Kohoun D. Constant, Consultant-Dédevelopment of the children, Movement d'ÉvangélisationChildren

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Social Impact

40 persons helped


Who can participate to math camps ?

High school leaners or first year university students 


How will be organize the camps ?

This is a 2 weeks activities


Where will be held the camps ?

At kpalimé in Togo